The New Garden shed build #gardening #shed #diy #woodworking

I have been working under a very small lean to porch to do any woodworking projects and the current shed was full to the brim of junk. It was time for a new shed. I am completely unsure of what I am doing and have started down this road of building a new shed. Just wished I had better prepared! Anyway the old shed:

was looking good on this lovely summer’s day. It was about to be demolished. It had served us well. It was time to go.

And that was that. I am hoping to use some of the wood to clad the new shed.

And this is where we are now:

The garden is a complete mess and it is almost impossible to move in but the shed base is in. At this stage I have a number of questions that I am struggling with.

  1. Is it worth putting a breathable membrane in?
  2. Type of roof
    • Tin
    • Shingles
    • Pitched
    • Flat
  3. Can anybody help me pick up some cladding at 8 Monday morning!

Watch the saga unfold over the next few days! Any comments please post below.

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