stars and a mountain

They have always seemed like the rulers of the skies, though that would be the moon. They are always there up in the skies looking down at us, they must think we are funny ‘things’ when they see us worry about a homework assignment or a bill we have to pay off. But when I see them up there twinkling in the moonlight I think what fun it must be to beĀ  a star.

But of course we know that they are just small planets. :p


Chibi Me!

chibi me avatar

Chibi me is a popular app that I love

You can:…

  • create avatars.
  • post your favorite avatars on your social media.
  • share your avatars with your friends.

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Having a bad day?

happy thoughts

Having a bad day?

This may help…

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.