it had to be homework
I’m loaded with homework
Why not detention instead

P.S.I found this when I was going through my old drafts and I thought why not publish it…

War Poem

Enlist They said,
It'll be fun They said,
You'll come back They said,
You won't die They...

Synchronised Swimming

synchronised swimmining

Synchronised swimming is a sport that takes swimming to the next level. It is fun and a great way to get ‘in shape’. Most of it requires teamwork, concentration and effort to master a routine. Some people say it is not a sport but I and all of the synchronised swimmers out there believe it is more than a sport, for me its a passion. All synchronised swimmers now that sublime feeling that you get when your music starts and you start doing your deck work…

Back to school

back to school

“Why do we have to go back to school mummy?!” came the cry of little Jenny as she pulled on her My Little Pony pants. ” Because you can be educated and grow into a happy successful adult”. then she paused. “like me” she added as she sliced some cucumber for little Jenny’s packed lunch. ”Oh I wish I didn’t  have to go back to school” grumbled little Jenny. He farther heard and laughed. ”I wish I didn’t have to go to work, ” he said ”but I have to do it  and I survive, so lets be survivors together.”    ”okay daddy” said little Jenny.


stars and a mountain

They have always seemed like the rulers of the skies, though that would be the moon. They are always there up in the skies looking down at us, they must think we are funny ‘things’ when they see us worry about a homework assignment or a bill we have to pay off. But when I see them up there twinkling in the moonlight I think what fun it must be to be  a star.

But of course we know that they are just small planets. :p