Swimming through the clear yet dark and mysterious ocean floor my mind was full of worries and doubts. Will mum ever stop drinking? will I ever meet my dad? will my sister get better? will I ever have anything I can be proud of? will I ever have a li- wait what is that? my external fears quickly becoming more prominent than my internal ones. The seaweed appeared to be moving not just swaying but moving towards me… I swam harder, faster than ever before, trying to get away but the seaweed was quicker. a tendril of seaweed wound itself around my leg. I cried out, losing my breathing apparatus, into the water choking swallowing more water. My eyes widened in shock. Drowning. I tried to kick free but the seaweed held tight winding itself all around me. Suddenly, I felt something brush against my ear. A tiny ancient fish. It opened its mouth and spoke, it said: “rest now my child, rest now, rest now…” it went on like that for ages and gradually I felt my body relaxing, drifting, fading, sinking, flowing. Gone.

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