What is Interactive Mapping?

An interactive map is a web based map that has clickable points. When clicked, these points show an informational box that has text about the point, pictures, videos as well as links to external sites.

Interactive maps are not only great at promoting a location but they can also keep your website visitors more engaged. Interactive maps, are always up to date. As soon as something changes, the map can be updated easily to reflect that.

We build interactive maps that are very customisable. So even if something isn’t there, you can add it with very little effort. Once built your map can evolve, you can add more points, amend existing ones, add lines and labels. As a consumer and as a marketer interactive maps are incredibly useful. They come in all shapes and sizes and whatever style you dream up, can be done.

Increase traffic to your websites as you engage your visitors in an interactive visit to your site. There are many possible solutions and to list them all would be difficult, so why not talk to us and discover why building an interactive map will be a bonus to your website.