Theme Development

Theme architecture or development is like building a house. There are key steps to take into consideration. Having a lot of choice can not always be a good thing. And when choosing a theme for WordPress the choices out there are massive.

  1. Free verses paid – hiring a theme developer will cost money and maybe you’re thinking of saving some money by going down the free route. However, if you pay for a theme you will have one purpose built to your requirements. It can be styled to match your company. Doing that with a free theme will always be difficult. When paying for theme development you can expect ongoing support. The theme is yours you do not need any links to say who developed the theme. We do like to include one but you don’t have to have it!
  2. Speed verses heavyweight – some paid themes can have too many heavyweight features. However, a developed theme can be built to your specification and you can choose, lightweight, fast and responsive. A properly developed theme will be coded correctly and will not put too much of a strain in loading.
  3. We develop themes to match your company. It can match your company logo or we can design a logo for you. More than that we discover how you feel your customers will use the site. We can match the site build to your users experience.
  4. Responsive – nowadays websites need to work on many different devices – phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. The word responsive theme is coined to reflect a theme developed to respond to many different devices. We build responsive themes.
  5. SEO – Being optimised for the web is very important. WordPress is the most SEO friendly cms around and when you add some of the very good SEO plugins you have a very good SEO site. However, a poorly designed theme can break this friendliness and cause problems. We build sites optimised for the web and SEO friendly.

We can help develop your sites potential.