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Let’s start with a do… I do use Twitter. I use Twitter as a newspaper. It’s not meant to connect with me with friends or family (although I do follow friends), it is my daily read. I don’t have to pop down the road to the newsagents, I simply open Twitter and read the perfect newspaper for me. I connect with news articles about the Raspberry Pi #raspberrypi, about cycling (#cycling), about life issues. As an aside at this point in time I am particularly interested in encouraging and promoting women in sport, films and tech. I have two daughters and I really want them to have every freedom available to them…. but more than that I want every women in this world to have every opportunity… but even more than that, there are some brilliant women out there and I enjoy what they do and produce. So Twitter is my daily newspaper. It connects with me with the news.


Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life

I doubt this. I doubt this on a massive scale. When I was a lad I went out on the streets and hung out with my mates. It was fun and no we didn’t cause trouble. We just hung out. This has been the trend for many a year and it doesn’t seem to happen so much anymore. I know safety is an issue. I understand that but I personally think there is a bigger issue, and for me Facebook and the like is one of the contributors to stopping people connecting. There tag line says we help you connect – through a phone or a computer – what about through a hug or a slap on the back or over a milk shake or yes in a bus stop on a wet day.

People connect in the real life drama of relationships. People connect in tears and laughter, in hugs and in joy, in encouragement and solace, in poetry and in silence.

Computers allow you the opportunity to send an email but they can never replace the kind word of a stranger when I slipped the other day. Or the smile at my silly hat! A text can never replace the joy I get when I see my daughters after being away for a few days. Yes I have spoken to them on the phone….. but wow those arms, I really need those arms. When I tell my wife I love you she doesn’t feel it until I wrap my arms around her, she needs that intimacy, that safe place and I need it to.

Facebook didn’t set out to stop this but it seems to me that the digital world live in is an obstacle to that real life connection we need in every day relationships with people.

Need a hug anyone…

Richard in a crochet parrot hat
Richard in a crochet parrot hat

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