Most mornings I take a photo or two while Im walking my dog. On instagram I put up some of these, a “morning” picture, a habit started by Rich on Facebook ages ago and when he didn’t put them up people missed it. I generally tag these photos as #lostwithielmorning. I put in a description of the weather often, what I am seeing or hearing, sometimes a heads up if theres a local event people might like to be aware of. I tend to take these when it is just me and my dog, and usually quite early, they get taken when Im walking and thinking and praying and having/taking the time to notice and appreciate what I am seeing. Today I decided to walk home from the school run, it took me a couple of hours and was slightly later in the morning, I was just posting this on instagram and realised it was coming up a bit longer than an instagram post so here it is……

Morning, different route today, I walked home from the school run.

Half of which I have done loads of times (Lerryn to St Winnow) and the other part I haven’t walked in over 10 years (St Winnow to Lostwithiel).

I found a bit of Spring hanging on to a bit of Autumn;

Fluffy yellow spring catkins with their coppery autumnal beech leaves still attached

The fluffy yellow catkins on a tree with the gorgeous copper beech leaves still attached caught my eye.

There was also this worn boat with a patina which complemented the natural greens in the environment and the birds swooping above the river. Once again old and new, the old paint and the new greens promising spring, there were snow drops, some periwinkles and pink campions adding splashes of “new” colour.

All the Greens

I didn’t take many photos on the route I’ve done recently, not because it wasn’t stunning, I challenge anyone to walk in the wild woods of Lerryn and not see beauty, but I think because it was familiar.

As I passed through St Winnow and on to the Lostwithiel leg I found my hand reaching for my camera more often.

There was the Impracticable for cars sign at the top of the track which merits a photo, again a relic from days gone by but which still has relevance today.

Impracticable for Cars
I couldn’t help but lookup this word, I’ve read it here many times but thought it just meant impractical, it doesn’t (quite), here’s the Oxford Dictionary definition:
  1. (of a course of action) impossible in practice to do or carry out.
    “it was impracticable to widen the road here”
    synonyms: unworkable, non-viable, impossible to carry out, unfeasible, inoperable, out of the question, not worth considering, unachievable, unattainable, unrealizable;


Although there is considerable overlap, impracticable and impractical are not used in exactly the same way. Impracticable means ‘impossible to carry out’ and is normally used of a specific procedure or course of action, as in poor visibility made the task difficult, even impracticable. Impractical, on the other hand, tends to be used in more general senses, often to mean simply ‘unrealistic’ or ‘not sensible’, as  in windy weather an umbrella is impractical

I realise the track here looks more impractical than impracticable but wait till you get further down it….

At the bottom of this track is a Lostwithiel Boundary Stone, if you want some local knowledge check out the beating of the Bounds on the Lostwithiel town website. I did some of this as a child and remember being presented with a shiny penny after being “beaten”. If I can find one photos I’ll add them later.


Carving on a Lostwithiel Boundary Stone

Near this was some fast flowing water, I video’d it to hear the roar.

 Finally I spotted our house from the other side of the valley, and the meandering river I usually walk alongside.

From the other side of the Valley

It’s funny to look at things in an opposite way to how you normally see them, it was the longest walk I have done on my own for a long time. A lot of thinking/ praying time, a bit of a journey through some memories some very old some quite recent. Memories of horse riding and galloping up hills, memories of picking our first elderflowers for champagne, memories of the girls as babies and toddlers, memories of old dogs while in the company of my current faithful. The sounds and sights of winter but with hints of spring and whispers of autumn.

It has got me thinking about old and new, the beauty and relevance of both, the patina that the old brings to our lives and the freshness of the new. I often think of the part in the bible where it says you can’t put new wine into old wine skins (they would burst). However there is a place for old and new together, where the vigour of the new and fragility of old are not incompatible but in fact complimentary and sometimes the old is stronger and more permanent and the new more fragile.

Rich is just off to a PCC (Parochial Church Council) meeting tonight where they are working to preserve the history of the church but also make a place that is fresh, relevant and alive. Without the young the Church will not survive, but that doesn’t mean the old more mature don’t have something to offer too. As with so many things in our lives it has a lot to do with balance and respect, we are all unique with individual perspectives and experiences which when combined and working together can create something so rich, diverse, exciting and relevant for all. Like a patchwork quilt or even a human body the whole is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Think today what do you want to be a part of, what would you like to make richer by your presence and contribution, go do it, whether young, old or somewhere in between, whether fragile or strong, whether fresh and new or covered with a glorious patina of life. Go with respect and a willingness to hear the other side, be a part of something bigger than yourself and make this world a more beautiful place, its what you were created for.

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