Well the end of one journey the start of another. Where will this journey take us as a family and when will it end?

I would love to head back into youth work….

I would love to develop the four wheel bike and also do more gardening projects with young people. The Clay Country has a lot of scope for developing community projects and the young have nothing in that area.

Either way I am excited and appalled. I feel somewhat mistreated. The last 3 months have been traumatic with the discovery of cancer and then the operation. For a company who are meant to have the community at heart, they forget I am part of their community.

Anyway, the journey continues……

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  1. Thanks Jez. The ideal job would be with young people but someone just sent me a link to a volunteer co-ordinator for the Eden project which looks good.

  2. Hoping to see you guys in october half term, hope Rich you find a really great job soon, we’re all thinking of you guys, take care Love and God bless xxx

  3. Sorry to hear this news Richard. Try to keep focused on getting health back. Best wishes to you all, I’ll keep my ears open for you

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