Divine Chocolate Tasting Set

Subtitled – 12 little bars, 6 fabulous flavours

So we run a youth club in Lerryn and my wife thought it would be great to get some of these tasting kits. When Anna told me about this I almost couldn’t believe it – too good to be true. However, the kits arrived on time and yesterday evening we ran an event for the young people, their families and friends. Last night I didn’t have time to participate. I had to keep order and watch over the presiding’s. However, this afternoon, I got the chance to tuck in!

The kit is amazing. It is put together very well and part of the tasting experience is to enjoy opening the box and reading all of the information. Some I read and some I didn’t. I was impatient – I wanted to eat. Feed me!!!!

Each of the packs contains 12 bars, 2 of each flavours so you can taste with a friend or family member. I got to pair up with Anna. It was interesting to see how we tasted completely different things at times. I think Anna is going to add her thoughts to this post so I won’t preempt her.

Each bar is an invite to taste. This is what we got:

The package with the answer sheet
The package with the answer sheet

And here we are about to start:

The chocolate laid out
The chocolate laid out

Now I have to say I was really looking forward to this but I also have my doubts. I love chocolate but I don’t love all chocolate particularly anything with salt in….. and there was a bar of chocolate with salt in. I wasn’t looking forward to that. But needs must, so we broke into our first flavour, White Chocolate with strawberries. This bar of sweetness really is divine…. There is nothing to dislike about this chocolate, one of my favourite fruits combined with the exotic blend that is chocolate… Ok 8/10 good start but was it going to go downhill from here.

The next one was called Milk Chocolate – a bit boring, there are lots of milk chocolates around. But wait as you open you are greeted with a beautiful bar of chocolate, the smell is yum and the taste, well I was a very happy man. It is awesome… I’m in love. This is a small bar of gorgeous! 10/10…. 12/10….. 100/10.

I want to stop and simply eat the milk chocolate.

But I was committed.

And I wasn’t looking forward to the next flavour – Milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt. Why would you put salt with anything other than chips? Maybe I’ll put some chocolate with chips next time and see how salt likes it! Well as expected there is no poem at the end of this taste just a thud and a 0/10….. I wish I could go minus and make the chocolate know how bad it was….

At least we had some dark chocolate to go. Not a big fan of dark chocolate, little bit too bitter for me but it could only get better after the last one. So the next 3 in order…. 70% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark chocolate with Raspberries and 80% Dark Chocolate. The first dark chocolate won the contest between the 3. Strong bitter flavour and a lasting taste – 7/10. What were the raspberries doing. Not much, they swept in with a brief taste but were quickly over-powered by dark chocolate. 5/10. No real smell now, nose has given up, taste buds on a decline and although the chocolate did melt in the mouth, it was very bitter. At least the raspberries didn’t get in the way this time. 6/10.

I had made it. I started to read about Juliet Brago and now it starts to sink in what this is really about:

It is very important for women to take part in leadership positions because women are a part of Kuapa Kokoo and they take part in all aspects of the cocoa production. By taking advantage of the opportunities Kuapa provides, women learn together how to improve their farms and their family’s income.

Nicely said. Farmers receive 44% share of Divine profits. What other chocolate – food maker – could say that. Divine aren’t messing around here. They aren’t stealing people’s hard work, they are paying for that work and making a statement. Chocolate can be produced fairly. Divine open the package with this statement:

We believe chocolate should be cherished. To savour a richer chocolate experience, you can try our guide below to slow down and appreciate the delights of fine quality chocolate.

Actually Divine all you had to do was write

This chocolate is about justice

That statement alone makes the chocolate taste better. Like the fair trade clothes I buy, I feel a sense of community with those living in a different country who for years have been ripped off by the western world.

Thank you Divine, instead of take take take you have decided to give. 12 Little Bars, 6 Fabulous Flavours, Owned by the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers of Ghana. The last word has to be from Sampson Cobbina from Wassa Kropong Society:

Farmers join Kuapa Kokoo because it’s a democratic organisation. For us democracy means we have a say in the company. We can tell our needs, and if something is going wrong we pour out our grievances and the leaders will listen.

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