Why Use Interactive Mapping?

If you’re into interactive maps, it’s a good time to be alive! The choices for interactive mapping are huge and whilst we think of Google Maps there is also a UK product called OpenStreetMaps. Displaying geographical data is only one use of interactive mapping.

But whilst you might now be spoiled for choice when it comes to interactive mapping it can leave you wondering what questions you need to ask before you launch your map. You need to understand what type of map you require, what are you trying to say?

Once you decide on that, there are numerous ways to use an interactive map.

  • Travel and Tourism
    • City maps showing items of interest
    • Interactive tours
    • Walking or bike trails
  • House Sales
    • Interactive floor plans
    • Aerial photographs
  • Museums and Tourist Attractions
    • Floorplans showing exhibtions
    • Hospital Floorplans
    • Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences
  • Unusual Uses
    • Restaurant Menu
    • Interactive photo gallery

Just some ideas for inspiration. Call us (07747 343637) if you have some requirements.