Twenty Questions – My Favourite Film

This is a really hard question to answer because I have so many, so I am looking at publishing maybe my top 5….

  • PhoneBooth
  • Shrek
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Audrey Hepburn is my favourite actress)
  • Liar Liar
  • Sand Pebbles (Steve MacQueen – amazing actor)
  • To Catch a Thief and An Affair to Remember (Cary Grant – Bristolian and he touched my head when I was younger!)
  • Reign Over Me – Adam Sandler playing an amazing part – I also love the fact that Adam seems to invite all his mates to make movies with him

Ok I exceeded 5 but to be honest I could pretty well have any Adam Sandler, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Steve MacQueen, Jim Carey and many other movies!

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