The Secret of Change

The Secret of Change is a documentary series that follows a journey of discovery, exploring communities along the West Coast of North America that are adopting the model of Transition.

The Secret of Change is a six part web series. It follows Zoe and Chris’ journey as they explore the positive steps communities in Western North America are taking towards a more resilient and localised future.

This is the crowdfunding video for a new series called ‘The Secret of Change’. The Secret of Change is a new documentary series that follows the journey of two British filmmakers as they travel the West Coast of North America visiting Transition Towns and other grassroots sustainability initiatives, meeting the people involved and hearing their extraordinary stories. This series has, until now been completely self-funded. The success of this campaign will mean that the series can be published online for FREE so that as many people as possible can view the series.

The Secret of Change: A Documentary from OWL Positive Broadcasting on Vimeo.

Go and back them. This is very exciting.

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