Do you ever stop and take stock of your life? re-evaluate your goals? Have you ever thought about life’s aspirations?

If not why don’t you brainstorm now…… Give yourself 5 minutes and write down anything that comes to mind.

For instance mine would look like:
Get married ~ Have children ~ Be a hero ~ Build a garden ~ Build a house ~ Deepen my Christian faith ~ Be a good friend ~ Plant a wood ~ Take my daughters camping in bivvy bags ~ Teach my daughters how to cook ~ Build a retreat centre ~ Build a tree house ~ Build a soft-top Morris Minor ~ Make a juke box out of a Raspberry Pi

Just a quick list. But it can be split into a variety of levels – long, medium or short term. I can say that I have completed some of my long term goals. I’m married to an amazing and beautiful woman and I have two incredible, talented and fantastic daughters. I now own a house and the garden is bring developed. This goal can be enlarged upon. I have my back garden but I would love an acre to work in. That would be even better!

Anyway, what I am trying to say is I am completely happy with who I am and where I am but without setting goals I might stay still. Find myself in 5 years in an unhappy place. Life has been good to me and continues to be amazing to me and I cannot see how life will develop and become different over the next few years.

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