Smaller farms have significantly different needs from larger ones, but the right tools aren’t always available to meet those needs — a perfect opportunity for an open source project to step in and fill the gap. Such farms are big enough to need powerful specialised tools, yet may not have the budget or space for large tractors. Bicitractor hacks its way around these issues, providing a green, silent, healthy alternative.

Bicitractor is an open source pedal-powered tractor suitable for small to medium-sized vegetable farms. Created by farmers for farmers, it performs a variety of agricultural tasks, working the soil to a maximum depth of 5 cm, which is popular with the no-till farming movement. It can be used for sowing, weeding, hoeing, harvesting open lines, and carrying loads, among other applications.

What is Bicitractor?

The Bicitractor is a pedal-powered farming tractor with electric assistance, made by farmers for farmers. It is intended for small and medium vegetable farms. It allows for different agricultural tasks that require working a maximum soil depth of 5 cm. It can be used for example for sowing, weeding, hoeing, harvesting open lines, carrying loads, …

Compared to a traditional tractor, the Bicitractor gives the farmer ease of use by eliminating the nuisance caused by an internal combustion engine such as engine noise, the smell of exhaust fumes, vibration etc…

The Bicitractor is a tool that allows farmers with agricultural holdings of medium size to mechanically perform tasks which are difficult to perform manually and can cause physical strain.

In addition to being a tractor that does not release carbon dioxide, because it does not use fossil fuels, the Bicitractor is an open source vehicle. That is to say, these manufacturing plans are available for everyone free of charge and so everyone is able to make, for themselves, an effective non-polluting working tool, which is easy to manufacture at a cost of less than 1500 Euros.

The BITRACTOR B300 (POC21 Version) by Farming Soul is a prototype in progress. Even now, we are busy working on a new version of the prototype. That’s why we are explaining here all the steps to build a bicitractor B300. We will soon explain all the fabrication details of the updated and improved version of the Bicitractor, the B310 which is coming soon…

N.B. We provide detailed photos and dimensions of the current prototype in this Instructable. However, we do not explain every fabrication step in detail because we are currently making a lot of modifications to the prototype. A lot of parts are going to change very soon for the better, so stay tuned for the new version of the prototype with a manual due to arrive soon!

bicitractor front
bicitractor front

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