Pallet Adirondack Chair Set

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It’s always summertime somewhere! Make a Pallet Adirondack Chair Set to enjoy those lazy summer evenings.


I have already made two chairs and maybe it is time to make another or maybe even a two seater! I found this site that gives some idea on how to make them. I personally just went for it. Here are some photos but if you want a link to plans and detailed instructions then visit 1001 Pallet Adirondack Chair Set.


Pallet planks
Pallet planks
So I started with a pallet. They’re free the wood is amazing – you can make so much with this simple structure. Taking them apart can be fun. I use a brilliant tool. It is like a long handled crow bar – it is actually what they use to life heavy furniture a fraction to enable them to get something under them. There are lots of YouTube videos on taking them apart, go take a look.

The pallet has been taken apart
The pallet has been taken apart

The legs

This set of photos shows the start. It is a very simple build and if you follow the photos more in less as they go you will end up with a very comfortable chair. I have used the thicker wood to act as legs. I cut them to length and then started to form the base of the chair of these legs.

Once the back is in place the structure becomes much more rigid. It is starting to take shape.

Seat base

Seat base started. I did the whole build with a hand saw and power screwdriver. I have since bought a chop saw which will help me make everything squarer and quicker to build.

Finished the Adirondack chair

And now the back is in place and it is finished. It is time to test – now I need a ice cool glass of cider.

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