Crochet Heart bunting

It’s been a party weekend for my girls, so I’ve been getting crafty making some very pink presents suitable for two girly 4 year olds.
I chose three different shades of pink wool and crocheted several teeny tiny hearts. Well actually not so teeny tiny as I used a no 6 hook this time.

I then had a play around with colour orders and combinations.


20130428-194603.jpgSorry I could not get the dark pink to photograph sharply in the semi dark the night before the party. I decided to go with the second pattern as the light pink seamed to really lift the others. I figured that if I used three pinks they had a better chance of not clashing with the other pinks of the girls bedrooms.
Here it is hanging at the front of my van just before packing and wrapping.

20130428-194939.jpgdid I mention my husband was totally remodelling our van this weekend. My excuse for the poor pictures and finish in this post. Although previously when i have been less rushed the hearts would have been ironed and possibly sprayed with starch to hang neater.

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