Life’s been pretty crazy round here for a while, Rich was getting sicker and sicker with pains in his stomach and groin that the doctors have been unable to diagnose. He now only works half time at his regular job as that is all he can physically manage, he stopped driving as he couldn’t do an emergency stop and he can’t walk far. We’ve had several family trips out where he has hired an electric wheelchair…

Rich winding up his daughters again....
“Fathers do not exasperate your children…….”
Trebah on an electric scooter
….thats better

Trebah gardens will loan one of these beasts after a short lesson which gets you most places but not everywhere due to some steep terrain and narrow paths. The Eden Project is also fab for scooter loan and the staff exceptional in their help. They have opened doors, carried food and generally gone beyond the call of duty on our visits. Finally we attempted Helicon, due to their difficult terrain they lend non motorised wheel chairs. Rich did not get on with these so well, so he hobbled round the top parts of the valley and really paid for it the next day.  He said it was still worth it though and again the staff were fantastic.

Scarlet Macaw at Eden

One of Richards crazy hats made by me. This one is particularly suited to the rainforest biome at Eden.

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