Raspberry Pi, Official Touchscreen and a Storage Drive

This post is a bit of a moan so please forgive me. I love the Raspberry Pi and have been using it for a variety of projects. The one project I want to build still completely eludes me. Combining a Pi with the official touchscreen, a storage drive and a battery. There are some projects with print your own instructions but most projects don’t go the whole way:

OSMC PiDrive

The OSMC PiDrive lets you take your Raspberry Pi and media collection with you on the go. This stylish, compact case keeps your media center tidy while maintaining access to all important connectivity. It’s not bad on the eyes either. This is a unique collaboration between OSMC and WDLabs.

Great – but how about the touchscreen and battery please?

WD PiDrive

Organize your cables and neatly integrate a Raspberry Pi with mass storage* inside a sleek, modular bundle with the WD PiDrive Enclosure. The WD PiDrive Enclosure is ideal for home or work DIY projects like building a Linux® PC, NAS server, an HDMI-enabled personal media player, or even a surveillance server.

And again – looks good but no battery and screen!

So please if anyone knows of something that combines the above please let me know or alternatively I’ll use elastic bands.

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