Why I Use Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the leading Linux distribution and is used by 100s including me and my family. Why?

  1. Your PC won’t get slower day by day. It happens in Windows only.
  2. Ubuntu is Free and so is any other Linux distro.
  3. All future upgrades of Ubuntu are provided free of cost. Upgrades are released every 6 months.
  4. You are free from Viruses.
  5. There is tons of free software
  6. Bugs get fixed for free
  7. Bugs get found out by the community – 100s of developers making sure you stay safe
  8. Updating is simple
  9. Don’t get tired restarting your computer all the time. You do it almost never with Ubuntu.
  10. With Ubuntu, you are always free. Free as in Freedom and in Free Beer. Ubuntu is free and will always remain free.
  11. Thousand of user are there to help you with when you are stuck. Become a part of Ubuntuforums.
  12. Upgrades are installed automatically.

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