Bikes, Alternative Energy and Healthy Living

The Team:
A bunch of young people from Lostwithiel and Lerryn in Cornwall

The project:
To build 4 x four wheel pushbikes and fit them with washing motors, bubble machines and smoothie machines

The concept:
1. To educate and inspire people to use recycled materials and to generate electricity in a unique and sustainable way
2. To teach healthy living and to blend various Innocent smoothies to create new and interesting flavours.
3. To encourage people to cycle

I have already built a prototype bike using angle aluminium. We have already adapted a washing motor to run a blender and bubble machine. Using these parts we want to encourage young people to make 4 more bikes.
Once made we will look to transport the bikes to John O’Groats and during August we will cycle the bikes from one end of the country to the other.

The cost:
The cost of the bikes, washing motors and parts will be £1500 per bike. The cost of support will be £5000. Total cost of the project will be £11000.

We are asking for donations and even the full cost of the project in exchange for advertising and/or exclusive press.

The image shows our first smoothie machine… a mechanical project that fed healthy smoothies to a lot of young people.

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