Randomly rambling about things I love. Which includes a rather large list and a variety of stuff. I love God. I love my family and my pets. I love gardening and making stuff and I love playing with computers and techy stuff. I love living in Cornwall and I love walking and being outdoors.

This is my business website and my ideas website. It is my blog and it is my way of alerting the world to what is happening in my life and with ideas I love.

So what do we do? We build websites, host them and also fix computers. We also do youth work and community events. We are running a youth club in Lerryn, a lovely village in the heart of Cornwall. We are raising funds to build two four wheel pushbikes and fix them up with generators. Not to run the bikes (that would make them cars) but to run smoothie and bubble machines. Pedalling generates power and the power is used to run the machines. We are also looking for a piece of land to start growing vegetables and look after some chickens. We want to do it in Lerryn with the young people and encourage them to learn permaculture principles and how to garden.

Anna loves everything crafty and will be encouraging the young people to try out there hand at knitting, crochet, painting, drawing, making stuff and a whole range of exciting inventions. We also plan to teach them to cook and run meals for various groups and people around the village. Watch this space.

I (Anna) have migrated over here from outrageous wonderful to give more scope to the blog experience. This blog now contains a mixture of my old posts and my husband Richs ramblings. On this site you will find crafty, sustainable, slow lifestyle pieces. With how toos, ta dahs, pinterest fails and successes and general ramblings.

We hope you enjoy a glimpse into our world.


P.S. We also love Morris Minors and this is our latest project.